Newly revised! The William & Mary Language Arts, 3rd Edition units have been designed to develop students' skills in literary analysis and interpretation, persuasive writing, linguistic competency, and oral communication. They strengthen students' reasoning skills and overall understanding of the concept of change. Every unit engage learners through exploring carefully selected, challenging works of literature from various time periods, cultures, and genres; and they encourage students to reflect on their readings through writing and discussion.

The units also provide numerous opportunities for students to explore interdisciplinary connections to language arts and to conduct research around issues relevant to their own lives.

New features have been added to enrich the units including technology integration, more differentiated products, additional alternate novels and activities, and a culturally-responsive teaching guide. The updated literature means the curriculum is more relevant to today’s students, focusing on diversity and representation of authors, characters, settings, and topics. The result is a program that maintains the reputation of William & Mary’s research-based curriculum and the integrity of their core teaching philosophy.



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