The fifth edition of BSCS Biology: A Human Approach helps students understand biology concepts through inquiry-based activities and constructivist learning strategies that relate key biology themes to students’ lives.

Developed as a comprehensive digital curriculum and more than just an eBook, it delivers high-quality, inquiry-based educational content through the BSCS 5E instructional mode and helps students transition from activities that explicitly guide their inquiry to doing their own inquiry.

Its teacher- and student-friendly format puts educational content and support resources right at each user’s fingertips. If needed, the digital curriculum can be paired with a print text to provide a more traditional learning experience.

The Teacher Edition has been developed in a wrap-around format that includes reduced student pages, features more in-depth lesson planning support, and offers a wealth of options for differentiated instruction. Concept maps are included for each chapter, and updated, easy-to-use assessment tools help measure student understanding and progress.

Student Editions feature rich content and technology support that meets the needs of the digital generation. Video clips, animations, and hands-on labs are used to engage students and bring the content to life in real-world contexts.

Audio and print materials are also provided in both English and Spanish to support key program features and meet the needs of all learners. Icons embedded throughout the student eBook allow students to easily access online information and tools like NSTA SciLinks®.

Assessment Strategies are embedded throughout the curriculum and are based on the philosophy that assessment itself should be a learning experience. Both formal and informal techniques are employed and made easier with assessment tools provided through the Kendall Hunt Cohesive Assessment System.